When Kain chose to pull the reaver from Raziel and change all of history and destiny at the end of Soul Reaver 2, no one would have predicted the effect this would have had on Vorador. Moebius, a being existing outside of the streams of time, still beheaded him, an event witnessed by Kain at the end of Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain. But another Moebius (the one with the Clone Army, Death Star and Darth Vader) was produced, who didn’t behead Vorador. So, two Voradors followed two diverging paths.

(At this point, things start to get a little bit confusing.)

The first Vorador was a cruel recluse, who spent his days torturing humans in his Mansion’s basement. He was a legendary figure in Nosgoth, made famous for his invasion of the Sarafan Stronghold and murder of six guardians of the Circle of Nine.
Soon after Kain was transformed into a vampire by Mortanius, he was ordered by Vorador not to meddle in the affairs of men, something which Kain was eventually tricked into doing.
Despite this Vorador’s unparalleled physical and magic strength, and his direct and blunt approach to those who displease him...

...he was caught by Moebius and his mercenary army of Vampire Hunters. Watching impotent as Moebius’ Magical Staff made him immobile and impotent, he saw his vampiric family executed. With nothing left to live for, Vorador did not resist as he was placed into a guillotine and beheaded.

The second Vorador though, was never caught by Moebius because the time-streamer was too occupied showing his resurrected fellow guardians the power of his fully armed and operational battle station (a demonstration which accidentally backfired and caused the death of most of them, again). This Vorador continued to make new vampires, and hearing of a revival of the Sarafan Order in the southern capital city of Meridian, he left his mansion temporarily to investigate.
“Temporarily” soon became “Permanently”. Realising the accumulating power of the Sarafan Lord and foreseeing a Sarafan Empire of which the world had never seen, Vorador decided to adopt his old plan of breaking into the Sarafan Stronghold and murdering those responsible horribly. If it worked on those incredibly powerful sorcerers centuries ago, then the vampire reasoned that it would almost certainly work on one individual Sarafan Lord.

It didn’t work. This Sarafan Keep had not made the mistake of yesteryear's Sarafan Stronghold. The front door was locked.

Vorador, unfettered, spent the night trying to knock the iron door down. The only result was, about two hours later, someone opened a window in the upper floors of the keep, to yell “Sod off we’re trying to sleep you noisy bastard.”

Vorador plodded back to his new base of operations shamed and realised that he wouldn’t be able to do it alone this time. He needed… he shuddered as he thought the word… He needed… friends… Allies.

Uncomfortable with the concept, the old vampire realised that he could never work with… allies… unless he could change, just a bit, and get out of some of his old habits.

So, Vorador began to attend the local meetings for Sado-Hedonists Anonymous. Months later, he was a changed vampire, caring, sharing, considerate, peaceful. He was understanding, optimistic, open-minded, flexible, and for some reason, green.

This Vorador formed the CABAL (Committee for Action on Behalf of All Life), a nice movement that was intended to rebel against the Sarafan Empire. They didn’t always rebel though; they sometimes held benefit concerts and did a lot of charity work.

Unfortunately, so restricted by the diplomatic nature of their leader, The Cabal never got anywhere. Only the revival of Kain made things happen.

Vorador, the rediscovered Janos Audron (sire to Vorador), and Kain invaded the Hylden City. When Vorador requested to learn of the whereabouts of his closest and most trusted Lieutenant, Umah, Kain responded plainly that she was a traitor and was executed for it. Vorador, appalled, labelled Kain as a monster. As Janos tried to calm the two, the Sarafan Lord briefly appeared for seemingly no other reason than to shoot the second Vorador.

As Kain destroyed the Hylden Gate, alas losing Janos Audron to it in the process, Vorador remained unconscious. As Kain boarded his Imperial Sarafan Destroyer with the humans he rescued from the Hylden City, some humans carried the still unconscious vampire onto the ship.

When Kain and his vessel were plunged back in time, the second Vorador was with them, still asleep.

In this time, there are two Voradors. Kain realises that, one is far more useful than the other, and eventually swaps the two. The Vorador in the guillotine is rescued, and replaced with the second Vorador.

If history would have stayed that simple though, things would have made sense.

But Raziel, not realising the young Kain’s actions, turned up later and put the head of the second Vorador back onto his body, resurrecting him.

So, two Voradors exist in the same time period. The “Call Your Dogs, They Can Feast On Your Corpses!!!” Vorador, and the “Call Your Dogs, They Can Feed On These Nice Doggy Treats I’ve Brought With Me” second Vorador.

Suffice to say, they don’t really like each other. The second Vorador describes the first as “an arrogant closed-minded individual with few polite manners” while the first describes the second as “A Turd”.

However, like so many in the rebellion against the Dark Forces, their differences must be cast aside while the battle continues against common foes.
Vorador #1 and #2