As the treacherous vampire Sebastian was dying, he defiantly made the exclamation to Kain that an ancient Device beneath the earth will eventually ensure the success of his master, the Dark Lord of the Sarafan. Kain later enquired about this Device to the second Vorador, who replied that there were ambiguous stories of ancient constructs beneath Nosgoth, but had no further information. But, he explained, he might know someone who does. “A Seer, a being even older than I.”

Vorador directed Kain through the canyons outside Meridian to her abode, a rickety wooden shack on the edge of a canyon. When Kain entered, he discovered her to be quite a strange creature, a woman with human, and yet alien physical attributes.

And a penchant for wearing a little as physically possible. This seems the fashion at the time, as Umah and the female Sarafan guard always seem to be wearing thongs, underwear, and the like, despite the mind-boggling impracticality and lack of defense it offers. Couldn’t imagine why...

Kain was tempted to exclaim “put on some clothes woman” but instead decided on “I seek information and I must have it.”

She told Kain of The Device, an ancient weapon of mass destruction buried long ago, but exhumed by the Sarafan, a weapon designed to annihilate life. As the Sarafan Lord arrived, surrounded the shack with his thong-and-bikini-clad Elite Guard (sigh), the Seer bestowed into Kain the telekinesis Dark Gift and transported him far away, to the center of Meridian, to the entrance of The Device.

The Sarafan Lord bombarded the shack, ordering his semi-nude scantily clad (sigh) troopers to burn the place to the ground. The Seer however, was not present, having whisked herself away to somewhere else.

As Kain later learns of and confronts the Hylden Clones, he cannot help but notice the similarities between them and The Seer. Was she a Hylden? If not, then something pretty close.

At the beginning of Legacy of Turelzevir : Doll Reaver™ Kain is in a bit of a pickle, surrounded as his vessel is by twenty Imperial Sarafan Destroyers and the utterly ball-busting Super Sarafan Destroyer. The Seer comes to his aid once more, appearing before him in the vampire’s stolen ship.

Somehow knowledgeable of the developments in Nosgoth’s time-streams, she explains of Kain and Raziel’s failure to change history for the better (ie. the events of Soul Reaver 2™) and that the only way to save Nosgoth now is to abandon tact and tackle the side of the Dark Forces directly, on the small hope that they can win before it is too late. Kain reluctantly trusts her, and allows his vessel to be plunged back into Nosgoth’s past by her magical manipulation of the time-stream, a skill she utilises almost as well as the time-streaming git himself, Moebius.

As Kain, Raziel form and maintain the rebellion against the Dark Forces, the secrets surrounding the Seer are gradually unravelled. Her unique heritage and fugitive status among the Hylden means that she offers new insight into the ancient race, that at least all of them may not be as bad as the Hylden Clones of Meridian would have led Kain to believe.

The Seer’s sporadic appearances in the time-stream increase until, as the rebellion against the Dark Forces surpasses her wildest expectations, she dedicated her band of rebel Hylden to the crusade to free Nosgoth from The Vamperor.

She also wears a coat and pants this time, because quite frankly the male figures of the rebellion didn’t know where to look. And for a second it did look like Mortanius’ ticker was going to tick its last tock.