Moebius the Time-Streamer did a few favours for the Dark Forces, and was paid for it well. Impressed with the efficiency and sheer git-tiness of the old man’s manipulations, The Vamperor bestowed the rewards he promised, conjuring up what Moebius had asked for.

He asked for an army that makes the Legions of the Nemesis pale in comparison. The Vamperor said “So be it.” and asked for a sample of such an individual to base a loyal army on. Moebius gained a sample of the renegade Lieutenant Turel by… examining his leavings… and The Vamperor used the clone hatcheries of the Device to make a Clone Army.

He asked for weapon and mode of transport that instilled terror and fear into those who would oppose him. The Vamperor said “So be it.” and the Death Star was conjured into existence.

He finally asked for a strong loyal apprentice, who though already strong and powerful, would be supremely loyal and could be trained in the ways of the Git. The Vamperor said “So be it.” for the last time and the music “Imperial March” began to play extremely loudly as a dark tall hooded figure strode towards Moebius. The figure was strange, black all over with technological implants on the front of his chest. His breathing was strange, a loud wheezing perhaps more appropriate to an old ill man.

He kneeled in front of Moebius.

“What is thy bidding my master?”


With Darth Vader as his loyal unquestioning servant, and the Death Star at his bidding, Moebius has more power than any other circle member. And boy, does the git intend to use them.
Oh I AM getting sued,