When Kain chose to rewrite Nosgoth’s history and destiny, he gambled that an alternate time-stream, a new different Nosgoth, would be better than the doomed one they had been enduring.

Unfortunately things did not go as planned, and though an alternate Nosgoth was brought into existence, it brought with it far more dangers than the previous incarnation of the world. Old enemies are back from the dead, others have been made more powerful, and the nameless dark forces are on the verge of victory.

The paradox Kain caused, though monumentally bad, did bring with it a few new hopes. New allies are present in this changed timeline, and some old ones never died. The only last chance the world has before being drowned in darkness is for Kain, Raziel, Turelzevir and Frank to rally any possible allies for a last desperate stand for the future of everything.