If there was a devil in Nosgoth, then it would be The Vamperor. For millennia, mothers and fathers have passed on the legend to scare unruly children, the myths of a force so dark that it makes even the vilest Black Demon seem like an ally. The stories tell of an entity who exists outside of what is normally called time, an entity patiently waiting for the right time when he can lead the insane souls of hell back into the world. When The Vamperor comes, it will be the end of everything.

In the Sarafan Order of Meridian, only the most senior officers know the truth behind the myths, that The Vamperor already has a foothold in the world. The Sarafan Lord, Supreme Commander of the Sarafan Fleet, is the Vamperorís loyal servant. Those loyal to the Sarafan causes are informed that the Vamperor is not a force to fear, but to embrace, and as his servants they will be spared. Those who agree, serve the Vamperor. Those who donít, die.

In Blood Omen 2ô, the power pulling the strings of the Sarafan is revealed to be the Hylden, a race of beings banished from Nosgoth aeons ago into a place where time has no meaning, the Demon Dimensions. Though Kain asserted that the Sarafan Lord was their general, he also equated this to meaning that he was their leader. He was wrong.

The Vamperor, Supreme Ruler of the Hylden, waits in the Demon Dimensions. His background is unknown, whether he is one of the banished race, or something else completely. His power and influence is just as unknown, but from the ancient myths, he is certain to be extremely dangerous, devious and dark figure.

I have foreseen it.