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This section is not intended to be a comprehensive list of Legacy of Kain-related sites, but rather a guide to the indispensible ones which have survived the years - the Pillars of the Community, you might say.

Official Sites:

Everything You've Ever Wanted To Know about Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain is a comprehensive guide to Blood Omen created by is makers at Silicon Knights.

Fan Sites:

Dark Chronicle is Ardeth Silvereni's website, one of two top destinations for general information on the series, with the other being...

Nosgothic Realm, the oldest Kain fan site still in existence.

Legacy of Kain.net is Omega's site, and is a great companion to Dark Chronicle and Nosgothic Realm.


The Eidos Legacy of Kain Series Forums are the official location for discussing the series. Please be aware that because this is an official forum the rules at these forums are more strict than the fan forums below.

The Nosgothic Realm Forums at EZBoard contain some of the most numerous and detailed discussions of the series, and have been around longer than any other fan forum.

The GameFAQs forum for Defiance is the current home of Kain series-related discussion at GameFAQs, which migrates to the most recent entry in the series at any given time.

The IGN Legacy of Kain forum receives less traffic than the other fan forums, but is home to some very interesting information nonetheless.

Legacy of Kain in Other Languages:

For information on non-English sites related to the series, please see the Links section at Dark Chronicle, as Ardeth Silvereni has amassed a better list than I will ever have.

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