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Five-Tier Magic Meter

article by Ben Lincoln


The prerelease build of Blood Omen from 12 July, 1996 features a noticeably different version of the magic energy meter in the player's status panel.

In the final version of the game, the amount of magic energy is represented using a single vertical set of runes. In this earlier version of the game, if the player manages to find all of the energy upgrades, the meter will fill up five times, with each level being represented by a different colour for the runes. The lowest tier is coloured purple, the second blue, the third green, the fourth orange, and the fifth red. This colouring scheme was retained in the final version of the game for the energy-refilling spheres which can be found throughout the game world. Long-time Silicon Knights fans will also recognize the colour scheme from the spells in Eternal Darkness, and the item rarity scale in Too Human - full-spectrum UI elements appear to be a favoured motif of director Denis Dyack.

This early version of the status panel is also missing the sun dial which would be added by September of 1996.

Five-Tier Magic Meter
[ Five - Tier Magic Meter ]
Five - Tier Magic Meter



A (silent) video is also available at the end of this article which shows the full progression of the meter (at maximum level) when loading a saved game.

File Size Author
Five-Tier Magic Meter (1996-07-12 Build) 30 MiB TLW/SK/CD
A video of the early five-tier magic meter at its maximum level, when a game is loaded. There is no sound in this video.
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